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One of the biggest fears for a website owner is to have their website hacked and the data destroyed.

Losing the sense of security is often worse than losing all the data that was so essential to your online business or community. However, if you thought that protecting your website from hackers was an unwise delusion, think again.

Protecting your website against hackers and recovering your data is now possible. At Get Web Site Fix, we have all been through the experience of having our websites hacked. Imagine this.

A group of friends meets 10 years after graduating from college. They decide to pool in their specialized computer and business knowledge to launch an online business offering services to help clients resolve computer related problems.

The business seems to be going fine until the fateful day. One fine morning as the partners prepare for another busy day, they learn that their website has been hacked!

All the data relating to clients and sales simply vanished!

The business took a big hit and was on the verge of collapsing. However, the friends did not despair. They got up to clean up the mess. After a whole month of hard work, the website was completely functional and was ready for business.

The experience taught the friends valuable lessons and became the seed for what was to become Get Web Site Fix. The same set of friends who experienced the pain of losing a website created with passion owned and managed Get Web Site Fix.

They learned how to gather the pieces and restore the website to its original condition the hard way. Today, we help our clients get their website back just as we did with our own nearly a decade ago.

How GetWebsiteFix Works?


You Submit the Issue

Simply submit your WordPress issue via contact form or email.


We Resole the Issue

We will solve the issue within 24hr. Normally within hours.


You Review & Relax

Once issue is fixed, we will inform you and you can review and confirm the task.

What Sets Us Apart?

The Get Web Site Fix team is composed of the best minds coming together from different parts of the globe to address your problem with the best skills.

Our team consists of the best software engineers, developers, and programmers to recover your website and data.

We’ve experienced the frustration of getting hacked first-hand and so we are highly sensitive to your concerns.

Thanks to our flexible team-based structure, we begin work at your website immediately with swift turnaround thus minimizing the time your business remains offline.

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