How to Choose a WordPress Theme

When you first start with WordPress you will be given a default theme and layout as standard. This will usually be the Twenty-Eleven Theme.

Now this theme is very basic in a lot of ways and also in terms of color and style it is maybe not what you are looking for.

Fortunately with WordPress you really do have a vast array of different Themes available which are searchable by many different parameters as below:

WordPress themes

You could also have a look at the WordPress themes directory to get an idea of what is available should you not want to search through all the themes in this way.

There is also a free themes of the month facility that is available on the WordPress which is also very handy to find some new good themes available

What am I using my Theme for ???

A good idea to start with when choosing a new WordPress theme for your website. WordPress has really evolved over the years and although started out as a much more text basic blogging system, it really does now cater for some quite complex types of websites.

This really can be anything including things like

A Video blog: more and more people are now finding this a very good medium to convey their message to their audience and is really growing in popularity.

Photo and Photographic blogs: A great way for people to showcase galleries of their work to the masses Traditional blogs: Just a simple blog where people upload articles, diary entries and images


It is important for a lot of people to be able to customize the theme that they are working with. Quite often the standard colors and layout may not be exactly how you want your personal or business website to look and this is where you need to work with something that is flexible to your needs.

Documentation and Support

Good documentation is very useful for people when it comes to maintaining and developing websites and some themes offer more support and information than others.

In particular if you are paying for a WordPress theme you do really need to make sure that they offer good support and documentation so that you and or your developer can really evolve the website for your business.

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