Why do YOU need a WordPress Maintenance Service?

Think of it like house insurance for your website

WordPress Runs 35% of The Entire Internet!
This Means That it is Under Constant Attack!

I hope you never have to wake up one morning and feel that sinking feeling that your website is damaged or worse!

How would that feel?

Waking up one morning to find your website, your main source of business lead generation and income is dead!

Replaced with something along the lines of “Your site has been hacked, we were testing your security email us at……”

So you email them and they want hundreds maybe thousands from you to reinstate your website for you.

This is the dirty little secret of the internet that “normal” people like you and me don’t realize until it’s to late.

The Internet is Being Used as a Tool by Cyber Crooks to Conduct Their Business!

They operate with impunity in the dark web with the authorities unwilling or unable to stop them!

There are hundreds of websites out there that high light vulnerabilities in web technologies.

Making it simple for these crooks to know exactly what to trigger to release control of your website to them.

It’s all there spelled out for them in black and white “Do this get admin access”!

These “security” websites are making it easy for the crooks, once they know how to gain access they know exactly what to look for.

And can then use little software programs which are sold cheaply on the dark web to go out and “Harvest” potential targets to come and hack.

The Number 1 Reason For WordPress Getting Hacked!

It takes a lot to maintain a WordPress Website properly!

So Most Website Owners Don’t Bother!

That’s right most hacks can be directly attributed to not keeping your WordPress install, plugins and themes updated.

As of me writing this 40% of WordPress installations are running the latest version.

And around 70% are running a version of 5 or above.

“On December 6, 2021, WordPress Version 5.0, named for jazz musician Bebo, was released to the public.”

That means that 30% of all WordPress sites have not been updated in over 18 months!

Every day there are new vulnerabilities uncovered in the webs underlying technology but it’s fixed quickly so the software you use remains safe.

If you don’t update the software you might as well leave your front door open or your keys in your car door and a neat little sign saying take me.

You are putting your and your visitors information at risk if you do not keep your Website updated!

You Need Your WordPress Website Maintaining.

I Offer Website Maintenance Services With shared Hosting if Required

This is what I specialize in!

I’m just a guy looking to offer a good personal service in exchange for a reasonable fee.

I’ve been doing this stuff for over 10 years so you trust that I know a few tricks of the trade so to speak.

Why Choose Me?

    • Stellar UK Based Support

If I do say so myself!

Get hold of me 24 hrs a day

    • Personalized Service

I go above and beyond

    • Lock in Your Pricing

Fixed, Low Cost for as long as you’re a member

    • Full Transparency

Monthly reports delivered by email with everything I’ve done.

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