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WordPress website migration job is not as simple as it sounds. There are various elements which needs to be taken care of while performing the job including design, database, content as well as plug-ins. Hiring our service will make you sit relax and get the job done efficaciously by our experienced developers.

Easily available but the WordPress migration job demands utmost proficiency and experiences. Ignorance of any technical aspect could lead to failure, huge downtime and permanent loss of data. Which, in turn can hurt your business in big way. We ensure your WordPress website will be migrated flawlessly.

Once we get all required inputs from our client, we will start rolling the ball and will get your job done ASAP.

The brief of the WordPress migration process is as follows:

Files transfer

Database transfer

Reconfiguration of WordPress installation.

We are nothing without our customers. Just hiring us for the migration job is not enough, you need to provide us following to get started with the job:

Your old host login credential.

Your new host login credential.

Your WordPress admin login access.

Our WordPress Migration Services Portfolio

For any reason if you are planning to move your WordPress site to another host; you should hire the best service providers to stay assured that you are handing over your website to trusted hands. Your website is virtual identity of your business or profession. We can handle a number of WordPress migration jobs including:

WordPress.com to WordPress.org (and vice versa) –

As the WordPress.org is becoming more favored by many people. They look to migrate their website from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. We help in doing.

WordPress Migration to another hosting account

for many good reasons people usually go for changing their hosting services. We have years of experience in doing this job precisely.

Migration from shared hosting to VPS (vice versa) –

To fulfill the need of bigger bandwidth if required, you need to get your shared hosting migrated to the VPS. We could make this a painless process for you.

Recovering a lost website-

what could be worse than losing your entire website. It’s really awful when everything vanishes abruptly. It becomes a daunting task to recover all of the contents, database, plug-ins along with id and passwords. For such a technical job it’s better to have experience services providers as your partners. We could be your best choice.

Recover a deleted website:

If by mistake you have deleted your website and now looking to recover it back. We can drag you out of the situation. The deleted data is still stored on the server and our experts know how to extract that for you.

Clone a website:

Cloning of websites is recommended for many good reasons, if you too are in need of getting your website cloned, we can successfully complete the job for your in the least possible time.


WordPress migration means moving your WordPress website from one location to another i.e. one from one host to another for any reason.

URL of the source site and destination site.
cPanel login for both site.
Correct WordPress login credentials of the site to be migrated.

Domain registration.
Email setup for the new destination domain.
Windows hosting migration.

We will collect the payment, once the migration process is completed and after clients check the new domain.

We assure 100% client satisfaction, being our client if you do not feel satisfied with the job done, you can refuse to pay.

Depending upon the size of the website it usually takes around 24 hrs, after we get the required credentials from the client side. Also considering there is no license, or other technical permissions required.

Still have any doubt?? Talk to our WordPress support team.

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